Stop Thinking Like a Personal Trainer

Stop Thinking Like a Personal Trainer

We have a massive issue in the fitness industry at present… Quality Fitness Professionals are leaving in masses.

I believe the core reason is that ‘they are thinking like personal trainers’ and not adopting a business mindset. Thinking like a personal trainer is great for conducting a session with a client but not for building a profitable business.

You need to evolve your thinking or you will be lost to the industry no matter how much enthusiasm, passion and energy you have.

Here are 7 Mindsets that need to stop if you want to not only last in this industry but excel:

  1. Stop trading your most valuable commodity (time) to service one person. If you aren’t doing team training and/or semi-private training then you will experience large fluctuations in income and burn out in no time.
  2. Stop selling packages of 1, 5 and 10 sessions. Continuity income is key. Why keep selling to the same client several times when you can sell to them once?
  3. Communicate benefits not features. People don’t care if you have an encyclopaedic list of qualifications or fancy equipment. They care about how you make them feel. Communicate solutions.
  4. Stop being a jack of all trades and master of none. Identify who you like to work with, who you get great results with and specialise in helping them. Reading trainer profiles that tell me they specialise in corrective exercise, pre-natal, hypertrophy, athletic development, fat loss, elderly etc is confusing and lacks focus.
  5. Stop being unprofessional. Wear a uniform, keep an accurate record of results, prepare sessions, get the hands out of the pockets, stop drinking your coffee and get off your phone. This is a profession not a hobby.
  6. Stop chasing shiny objects. Find ways to better service your clientele but you ensure you are doing this incredibly well before you sell supplements, meal delivery, online training, retreats etc.
  7. Stop living day to day. Map out a vision and a plan so you can dictate your future instead of having it dictated to you.

Once you ‘Stop thinking like a personal trainer’ and adopt a business mindset then you will experience great joy in being able to serve more people without the fear of burnout or financial stress. This will liberate you and enable you to make a profound impact over an extended period of time.

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  1. Troy

    Awesome true and to the point

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