If you want to have an impact then you must be willing to learn

If you want to have an impact then you must be willing to learn

It excites me beyond measure when I witness professionals with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, development and learning.

Their passion shines as they enthusiastically endeavour to learn new skills that will impact their lives and the lives of their clients. They are open minded, committed and inquisitive. They furiously write notes, feverishly ask questions and learn because of the intrinsic the joy of learning.

They are not there to accrue continuing education credits or tick an accreditation box. These professionals know that applied knowledge is power and that they can magnify their influence through their growth and learning.

I experienced a room full of these fitness professionals on Friday. Their desire to improve their impact with their clients was evident in everything they did.

In contrast, I spoke to another professional that was not interested in the learning outcomes, the incredible opportunity of collaboration or the material itself. She simply wanted the fastest, cheapest and easiest way of attaining accreditation credits.

Our industry needs committed, passionate and enthusiastic fitness professionals who desire to learn and develop. The industry does not need average professionals going through the motions.

We have been given an immense opportunity to impart profound change in people. This is a wonderful gift. We have people actively seeking our knowledge and asking us for help. That deserves nothing less than our best.

If you want to increase your impact then you need to be constantly learning and applying those lessons daily. You will be more impactful, successful and will see constant progress in the pursuit of your vision and dreams.

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