How to Crush your Goals in 2018

How to Crush your Goals in 2018

I understand the power of goal setting as I have reaped the rewards on many occasions. However, I am constantly seeking more effective methods of setting goals so I can see more of them accomplished. Whilst I experienced success last year with several goals I also fell short with others. Goal setting is a constant process of refinement, iteration and improvement so you can unleash the full potential of the process. I wanted to share several strategies that are tested and proven and teach you how to crush your goals in 2018.

A major flaw with my goal-setting in the past is that I normally limit my goals to 2-3 different life domains. I have thoughtful professional and health goals but not much else. This has meant that my focus has diminished in other important areas of life. This year, I have proactively set goals across a spectrum of domains – physical, social, financial, avocational, parental, professional etc. A helpful tool that helped identify this for me is the ‘Lifescore Assessment’ by Michael Hyatt. It is a free tool that helps measure your satisfaction in a variety of areas.

Another major mistake that I have made on many occasions is announcing my goals in public. My theory was that this would provide accountability and support. However, research now refutes this strategy as people start to receive the rewards of their goals without even commencing. People will heap praise and support of your goals and you experience all the great emotions that accompany this. If you have already derived some of the fulfilment without having done anything then it disincentives further effort and action. My recommendation is to disclose your goals to 2-3 close people that will support you, keep you accountable and call out your sabotage if needed.

A goal without a plan is just a wish. I see all these tremendous goals plastered all over social media but they lack what really matters…. A plan. Every goal must be associated with at least 5 actions that will ensure you give the goal the best opportunity of being realised. You can control your habits, processes and actions and this ultimately leads to success.
A powerful element I included in my goal setting this year was 3 key reasons why this goal is important to me. This helped me uncover my ‘why’ behind every goal and my core motivations. I know it will be valuable as I will need to connect with these motivations when I encounter the inevitable challenges and obstacles that arise. I know this will help my resolve and fortitude in seeing these goals achieved.

Here are some other helpful tips to maximise the potential of your goals being realised:

  • Write your goals down – You have a 42% greater chance of achieving your goals through simply writing them down.
  • Goals should be risky. They should breed discomfort as this is a catalyst for growth.
  • They should start with a verb
  • They have to excite the hell out of you. You should want to rip the doona off in the morning so you can move one step closer to crushing them.
  • Every goal should have a metric and a deadline. The deadline shouldn’t be too distant.

I hope this has inspired you to set some ambitious and courageous goals for 2018. You should now know how tor cush your goals in 2018. If you would like some support in crafting these or seeing them come to life then please contact me. I would love nothing more than to help you have an amazing 2018.

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