How to Create Engaging Content to grow your Fitness Business

How to Create Engaging Content to grow your Fitness Business

We wanted to start the year by sharing one of the most effective ways of building your fitness business… Delivering engaging content on a consistent basis.

Content enables you to showcase your expertise and how you can resolve your client’s problems and move them towards their aspirations. It facilitates a relationship and connection between you and your prospect.

In most situations, a prospect needs to know, like and trust you before doing business. This is where content plays an integral role in building your business.

The key to creating engaging content is to ensure the message, delivery and design speaks to your desired prospect. Too many people waste time, energy and money on creating content that doesn’t resonate with anybody. This is because they haven’t clearly defined who they targeting or they fail to understand their prospect in enough depth.

What are the keys to creating engaging content?

  1. Every piece of content needs to have a purpose. Is the purpose to entertain, challenge, educate or boost business? You need to clearly define the purpose as this will dictate how the content is delivered.
  2. Your content should regularly include stories. Stories are one of the most effective means of learning information. They help us remember information more easily and process it more efficiently. People have been learning through stories for thousands of years because they elicit emotion. They ruminate at a level beyond the facts, statistics and analysis. They engage our imagination and support the message you are aiming to make.

You can share someone else’s stories such as famous people throughout history or share time old myths or parables. You can also share stories from your own personal life. I have found immense power in doing this as the audience begins to connect with me at a deeper level. I share my trials, tribulations and personality. This makes you more genuine, transparent and authentic.

A great model for creating engaging content and utilising the power of stories is the ‘Star, Story & Solution’ model I learnt from Russel Brunson. This simple model can be used for written, video or live content. This is how it works:

Star – Introduce the person and position them as the star.

For example, I would like to introduce you to Alisha Smith. Alisha is one of the busiest women I know who has lost over 10 kg despite raising 3 children and building her career.

Story – What were their problems/challenges?

Alisha was a busy, overworked mum that struggled to exercise consistently. She had put on a lot of weight the past few years and had very little energy.

She had very little time for herself and constantly put others first.

Her self-esteem was low and she didn’t like the way she looked.

She had tried joining a gym but only lasted a few weeks as there was very little accountability and support. She had tried a few different diets but once again they didn’t last long as she struggled to cook her own food as well as meals for the children.

Solution – Alisha rolled the dice one last time when she decided to join ‘Amazing Fitness Business’. We customised a solution that would work with her busy schedule and demands. This included 30-minute express training sessions 3 mornings a week before the day got ahead of her. These sessions were aimed at building strength, improving muscle tone and losing fat.

We then created some key nutrition habits to follow that were simple yet powerful in the results they delivered.

Lastly, we supported Alisha with regular communication, flexibility and accountability.

As a result, Alisha has not only lost 10 KG but she feels more energetic and confident than ever.

You can see the immense power in this model and how it positions you as an expert that delivers results!

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