How to Conquer Posting on Social Media in a Time Effective Manner

How to Conquer Posting on Social Media in a Time Effective Manner

The last 2 blogs, we have covered the 8 steps to creating Engaging Content so you can be positioned as an authority and build a tribe of raving fans.

In this blog, I wanted to cover 2 more strategies that will ensure your content resonates with more people and magnifies your impact.

They are:

1. The Content Filter

Your content will be more engaging if you follow the 8 steps in our previous 2 e-mails (you can see them here) However, we still need to ensure there are quality controls for every piece of content we produce. The last thing we want is for people to scroll right past our content or worst still click the ‘hide posts’ or ‘unfollow’ button on our content.

This is where the content filter comes in and guarantees your content hits the mark. Before you hit the publish button, filter your content through the following 4 questions:

  1. What is the purpose of creating this content in terms of moving my business forward?
  2. Does it deliver value and respect the consumers time?
  3. What problem does my content solve?
  4. Does it move the prospect toward the sale? Does it help the prospect know, love and trust me?

2. How to Master multiple Mediums so you are an Authority

One of the major challenges for many people is the pressure they feel to deliver unique pieces of content on multiple mediums. I know my head has almost exploded with overwhelm when I think about delivering Facebook lives, group posts, blog posts, YouTube videos, pretty Instagram images etc. The root cause of the overwhelm was that I thought I had to produce a unique piece of content for every platform. I have since found that this is not the case and that you can take one piece of content and utilize it across all platforms.

For example, at the ‘Functional Training Institute’ we chunk our production of content and then leverage it 6 different ways. We hire a videographer (you can use your iPhone) to film and edit 6 workout videos. These videos are generally 2-3 minutes in length and the film session takes 60 minutes.

We then utilize the content in the following manner:

  1. We upload the full video to YouTube.
  2. We upload the full video onto Facebook business page.
  3. We get the video transcribed at REV.COM and add the video and transcription onto our blog.
  4. We create a shortened Instagram version of the video (max 60 secs).
  5. We create a graphic of the workout and post this on Instagram, Facebook Page and Facebook Groups.
  6. We do a Facebook Live of the workout later in the future.

We curate the content so it is appropriate the audience that consumes that medium.

This really expediates the content production process and enables you to reach more people.

These 2 strategies will ensure you are a quality content machine that builds great influence among your prospects.


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