How are you Showing up Everyday?

How are you Showing up Everyday?

Earlier this year I received some feedback from a studio client that was hard to swallow… She communicated that I was going through the motions that I wasn’t all there. It was tough to swallow because it was right!

I was run down, flat and I let this get the better of me. I didn’t deliver my best and I had let her down. I prepared poorly, watched the clock and I lacked my usual enthusiasm and spark.

I was ashamed as I aim to deliver a ‘world class’ experience in everything I do. However, it lit a fire under me and every session since has been my best. It doesn’t matter if you are tired, stressed or emotional. You need to put everything aside and ensure you leave that person in a better state than when they walked in that door. They should feel uplifted, energised and inspired after each interaction.

Complacency is a deadly foe. Your clients deserve nothing less than your best on each and every interaction. It doesn’t matter whether it’s your first session for the day or your 10th. You should be ‘on fire’ every single moment. This is a person who needs your help and is reaching out to you. Don’t ever take that for granted!

I recommend you undertake a weekly audit and really honestly assess your performance of every session, presentation and meeting. If it’s not your best then you need to find out why… Are you taking on too much? Are you taking on the wrong clients?

Secondly, clearly articulate a standard of performance. What will you do each and every time and never compromise? You should then review this daily and ensure that the standard is upheld without a hint of concession. Ask yourself every session/presentation/

Lastly, what state do you need to get into to ensure you deliver your best? I have a routine of exercise, meditation and breathing before every presentation. This enables me to perform at my full potential. What do you need to do?

This process can be applied to every area of life. Be it parenting, relationships, your own health and wellbeing and even day to day tasks such as cleaning.

It’s easy to just show up and be on cruise control. Do you want the ‘easy’ route or do you want to live an inspired life where you are at your best every day? Do you want to live an apathetic life or do you want to share your greatness?

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