Rise Above

Rise Above

Rise Above – How to Select a Fitness Business Coach 

In every professional industry there are the mediocre, the good and the great. Unfortunately, there are also the spurious; people who claim to possess a certain skill set based on flimsy at best training and experience. With fancy marketing and alluring social media variants navigating the options can be difficult for those who will entrust their care to these people. It is important to keep in mind the age old saying ‘all that glitters is not gold’. You need to look beyond.

I have accumulated many skills over the past decade from building several successful fitness businesses. I have distilled these skills into a coaching program that maximises the impact of fitness professionals. It was a natural progression and a seamless transition into a new but familiar space. It only happened when I believed that I possessed the necessary attributes to make a real and meaningful difference to those running or wanting to start a business.

What is a fitness business coach… and how do you know you are getting a solid professional who will make a difference to your business?

Firstly, a proven track record in running a successful fitness business is absolutely essential. You need a coach who has walked the path before. There are nuances in business that only a coach who has had real world experience can relate to. I am helping many clients grow their teams and am bringing extensive experience in hiring, training and developing over 100 team members. You can’t learn this information in a book or course. It has been accumulated over many years of being in the trenches.

Secondly, they need to equipped with a broad array of skills to ensure they can navigate the extensive complexities of running a business. Being a coach means being involved at intricate levels in various aspects of the client’s business such sourcing physical locations, managing DA’s and fit outs. I assist my clients in setting up job descriptions and KPIs for their team, create operations manuals with complex systems, forms and checklists and I play an instrumental role in their marketing and sales processes.

I see many great marketing or social media consultants call themselves fitness business coaches. They may be great in their zone of genius but that doesn’t necessarily translate to them being a great coach.

Thirdly, a fitness business coach needs to customise their coaching to each person’s needs, personality and goals. They shouldn’t adopt a cookie cutter approach but rather they should know how to get the best from each and every client. They tailor their questions, are client centred, are an agent of positive behaviour change, they evoke not provoke change, they understand human behaviour and are great listeners.

Lastly, a fitness business coach should have a proven track record not only in business but also as a coach. They should be able to demonstrate how their clients have grown, benefited and developed as a result of the coaching.

The fastest way to learn is from coaches that have walked the path you are embarking on. They have made all the mistakes, seen what works and what doesn’t and know the most effective means of moving forward. They are equipped with the most effective strategies, knowledge and connections. A great coach will accelerate your results, increase your income and help you uncover your full potential.

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