Building a World Class Team

Building a World Class Team

Building a World Class Team

One of the areas that I hear many business owners consistently struggle with is recruitment and building a world class team. Many business owners try to build a team without a strategy and this leads to frustration, discontentment and a lack of progress.

A great team enables us to enhance the impact we want to have on the world. We can achieve much more as a unit than we can on our own.

This is a universal principle that we see in nature as well as business.

There is a group of geese that fly every year from Canada to the US to escape the bitterly cold of the Canadian winter. This is quite the arduous and physically challenging journey. They have to battle cold, wind and fatigue. Attempting this on their own would likely lead to failure.

However, the geese unite and fly in a distinct V transformation. This enables them to fly with 70% more efficiency than if they were on their own. They fulfil their mission through constant communication, sharing of leadership and encouragement.

This is the power of a team.

Not long after opening my first personal training studio I quickly found myself booked out. I was working early mornings, late nights, weekends and pretty much any opportunity I could to fit clients in. I decided that it was now time to expand my team and I gave the job to the other fitness professional who applied for the job.

There was no strategic plan, I hired in need and I hired someone I knew as opposed to finding the right candidate

3 Major mistakes with recruitment and I made them ALL.

Hiring in desperation creates misalignment

So, how do we get the recruitment process right?

  1. Hire people based on values. An alignment of values is far more important than any qualification or years of experience. Identify what you represent and what attributes will make up the DNA of your organisation. This will be your criteria for recruiting all new team members and making any team changes.


Zappos is an incredibly successful online business that is built on their 10 values. Every recruitment decision is measured against their values. They emphasise values above everything else and the business prospers. The business was recently acquired from Amazon for a lazy $1.2 billion. That is the power of a values based approach to recruitment.


  1. Always be prospecting. The worst time to recruit someone is when you need to. You might not be in a position to expand your team in the short term but the process should start today. Gather interest through a form on your website and headhunt talented people. This is what I did with our current Business Development Manager. I planted the seed 5 years ago and whilst the time wasn’t right then, it was 2 years ago.


  1. Don’t rely on interviews. Interviews are a poor recruitment method when used on their own. People are very good at projecting a perfect veneer and not their true selves. Instead, you should include a trial project. This enables you to see how they program, coach and operate at a professional level. You also have the opportunity to observe how they interact with team members and clients. In addition, you see how they compute instructions and how they work.


  1. Have an intern program in place. Partner up with the RTO’s and universities and create an intern program that has intakes 2-3 times a year. It needs to be by application only. You should include weekly professional development, reading assignments and guest speakers. This enables you to recruit the cream of the crop.

Building a team doesn’t need to be frustrating, challenging or arduous. If you apply the 4 strategies that I shared with you today then I guarantee that you will see your impact magnified in the world and you can have a significant imprint on many people’s lives.

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